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Stuff A Buddy is a small start-up family business. We are located in small town Iowa - where corn fields can be seen for miles! Thank you for all your love and support!! We appreciate you more than you know!!!

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The Original Stuff A Buddy brings a fun, loving experience to any event! With our custom packages your child will be able to build their own long lasting buddy and enjoy the excitement of creating one themselves. This personalized interactive activity allows children to stuff their own buddy, create memories and have a friend for life! Customize your buddy with outfits, accessories and personal recordings. Bring the experience of building your own buddy to any special event wherever you are or as a gift for any occasion!

Stuff A Buddy is perfect for birthday parties, fundraisers, corporate events, personal gifts or for anytime! Our adorable UN-stuffed animals are a favorite for all children and affordable for everyone!

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